editor, filmmaker




“Caren is a brilliant editor and a joy to work with. I give her my highest recommendation!”

Joseph Greco, Director of Profiles in Hope, Emmy Winning Series

“Caren is a deeply committed artist who brings true innovation and creativity to everything she does. She is a natural video editor with a fearless imagination.”

Mary Trunk, Director of  Lost in Living and Plain Art.

Caren is hard working, thorough and creative. She has solid story instincts and is able to quickly find the diamonds in the rough of the footage and begin to pull out the story that lies inside it. As a documentary filmmaker I rely on my editor to become completely immersed in the material and know what we have backwards and forwards. In fact they need to know the footage almost better than I do with the objectivity to see beyond the directors vision to the reality of what story the footage can support. Caren fits the bill completely. And she is tremendously fun and full of positive energy. If you have to lock yourself away in a dark room and start mining for story gold, you'll want Caren in the mine with you.”

Kristina Robbins, Director of Jane Goodall, McCombie Way, Life as You Know It